Orange-banded Mydas Fly

Photo: Brice Praslicka
Species: Orange-banded Mydas Fly (Mydas clavata)


It may look terrifying with its black hairs, orange waist and toes, and odd shape, but the mydas fly is actually a rather benevolent creature.

It doesn’t sting and doesn’t seem to bite. Some believe that they hunt other insects, but it apparently has not been observed doing so. They are believed to eat nectar from flowers, though some believe the adults may not eat at all as their mouthparts do not seem fully developed.

They lay their eggs in sandy soil. Once hatched, they migrate to find pray – grubworms and beetle larvae. Honestly, much doesn’t seem to be known about these curious looking flies. What’s certain, they do more good than harm to humans by feeding on pesky larvae in your yard.

I’ll continue to do some research to see what I can confirm. Until then, be sure to leave these guys alone! (as creepy as they look)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Keaha :) says:

    Looks like a cucaracha / wasp / fly
    What an Intresting insect ☺☺☺


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