Katydid (Species Unknown)


Click the photo above or click here view the full resolution photo.

This katydid is showing off its fall colors. Katydids rely on their camouflage to blend in foliage. So, in the fall, some have color shifts to look mimic the dying leaves.

I am having trouble identifying the species of Katydid that this is. The photo was taken in late October, so it’s coloring is not what you commonly see.

If anyone knows the species, please do let me know!

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  1. lydifeline says:

    Well they don’t look like this in Massachusetts!!! Ours have a very large bright green bulbus abdomen! This is what we have!

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  2. lydifeline says:

    I think I found it !!! Slender Meadow Katydid! It comes very close!!! 👍

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    1. Brice says:

      Katydids come in a pretty wide range of shapes and sizes. The one in the photo here is about as big as your index finger! Definitely a distant cousin, but we have a similar one in Texas as well! Those little guys are surprisingly loud! haha

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